Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Salt Free Water Conditioning System With Filtersorb Media

January 22nd, 2018


Included With This Package:

  • Salt Free Conditioning system
  • Vortech media tank
  • Clack C1190 control valve
  • Bypass valve with 1″ male threaded connections
  • Filtersorb filter media
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states


Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Salt Free Water Conditioner with Filtersorb

Filtersorb media converts  hardness in the water into a microscopic crystal so that it cannot build up in plumbing, water using appliances and on bathroom and kitchen fixtures, such as sinks and faucets. These microscopic crystals are rinsed away in the water flow. The unit is used in an up-flow mode so only an in and out head is needed, no backwash or regeneration is required. 

  • Vortech media tank
  • Clack C1190 control valve
  • 1″ male threaded connections
  • Bypass valve included
  • 1.5 cubic foot vortech media tank
  • Tank dimensions are 10″ x 54″
  • Total system  height with valve is 58″
  • Filtersorb media eliminates scale buildup
  • Flow rates up to 10 gpm
  • No salt, electric or backwash drain required
  • NSF Certified
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on media tank
  • Free Shipping To All Lower 48 States


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