Fleck 2510SXT 2.5 Cubic Foot Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Vortech Tank & Calcite

July 3rd, 2013


Included With this Package:  

  • 2.5 cubic foot Fleck 2510SXT Acid Neutralizer
  • Fleck 2510SXT Electronic Control Valve
  • 2.5 cubic foot Vortech media tank with fillport
  • 1″ Stainless Steel bypass valve with 1″ inch  female thread inlet/outlet
  • 5, 50lb bags of calcite media
  • Fill funnel
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states
  • Free tech support, Mom-Sun, 8am-6pm

This is our best selling backwashing acid neutralizer. The Fleck 2510SXT Neutralizer provides high flow rates, strong backwash cycle and a large capacity to keep your water neutral during usage  Fleck is the most reliable control valve in the industry.
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Fleck 2510SXT 2.5 Cubic Foot Backwashing Acid Neutralizer 

  • Fleck 2510SXT Backwashing Acid Neutralizer
  • 2.5 cubic foot capacity Vortech media tank
  • Vortech tanks use 30% less water during backwash
  • Fleck 2510SXT digital control valve
  • 1″ Stainless steel bypass valve
  • Tank dimensions 13″ diameter x 54″ high
  • Total unit height with control valve is 62″ 
  • Media tank holds 5, 50lb bags of calcite media (included)
  • Large fillport makes adding calcite media easy
  • Vortech tanks use 30% less water to backwash the calcite media bed
  • Semi translucent media tank allows you to view the media level using a bright light
  • User friendly digital controls provide quick and easy setup.
  • Naturally and safely raises the Ph of your water supply
  • Serves a household of 2-8 people
  • 2-5 bathrooms
  • Treats PH Levels from 5.5 to 6.9 with plain calcite raising the PH level to neutral &
  • For PH levels below 5.5, a calcite/flomag mix is recommended (see Fleck 2510SXT  2.5 cubic foot acid with calcite/flomag package)
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on media ta
  • NSF Certified
  • New Fast Free Shipping, Ships in 1-2 Business Days
  • Free Shipping To All Lower 48 States
  • Made In The USA


Acid Neutralizer Installation Instructions

Mid Atlantic Water uses Vortech™ Tanks.

Think Green
In order to regain a softener’s or filter’s ability to remove contaminants its control valve must be able to go into a backwash cycle to effectively “clean” the media before it can be regenerated. Traditional systems produce large amounts of waste water during the backwash process and consume a high volume of salt used to condition the water. Vortech™ water softeners and filters reduce backwash water and frequency by 30% and reduce salt consumption, reducing the impact on the environment.

Why Vortech™?
Vortech™ distribution systems utilize a more efficient distributor plate design to reduce backwash and improve system efficiency compared to traditional cone & gravel systems. This unique design provides greater “lift” and “action” throughout the entire width of the mineral tank during a backwash cycle, whereas traditional cone and gravel systems channel up through the media causing areas of very limited movement. In addition, because Vortech™ does not utilize gravel, it costs less to ship due to its lighter weight.