Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Non-Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Gravel Bed Tank & Calcite

June 28th, 2013

$495.00 $445.00

Included With This Package:

  • 1.5 cubic foot upflow acid neutralizer
  • 1.5 cubic foot gravel bedded media tank
  • Upper distributor basket, keeps calcite media from escaping the tank
  • Clack C1190 control valve
  • Upper distributor basket
  • Bypass valve
  • 3, 50lb bags of calcite media
  • Gravel bedding included
  • Domehole funnel
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states

This is an excellent system if your on a budget and need to get an acid neutralizer installed.  This system normally retails for $895.00.  This system comes complete and requires some minor assembly before installation.

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Clack 1. 5 Cubic Foot Upflow Acid Neutralizer Gravel bed Tank & Calcite

  • 1.5 cubic foot Gravel bedded media tank
  • Clack C1190 control valve 
  • 1″ male threaded connections included
  • Clack bypass valve included
  • Acid neutralizer tank holds 3, 50lb bags of calcite media included
  • Tank dimensions, 10″ diameter x 54″ tall
  • Total height with control valve 58 inches
  • Eliminates corrosion of your plumbing and water using appliances
  • Naturally and safely raises the Ph of your water supply to neutral
  • Serves a household of 2-5 people
  • 1-3 bathrooms
  • Treats ph levels of 5.8 – 6.9 using plain calcite raising PH level to a neutral 7
  • Upper distributor basket prevents calcite media from escaping the tank
  • 1″ 1/4 fillport makes adding calcite media easy
  • Semi translucent tank allows you to see media level using a bright light
  • Non backwashing system, no waste water discharged to your septic system
  • No drain line or electrical connections needed
  • Acid neutralizer system ships in semi translucent almond color only
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on media tank
  • NSF Certified
  • Free Shipping To All Lower 48 States
  • New Fast Free Shipping, Ships in 1-3 Business Days
  • Made In The USA

Acid Neutralizer Installation Instructions

bypass1            bypass2upflowbypasstop



The non backwashing or upflow acid neutralizer does not require a drain line or electricity.  It can easily be installed anywhere.  We recommend installing the unit in the upflow mode.  What this means is, as you you use water water it travels down the center distributor tube and up through the media bed just as if it were being backwashed.  The upward motion of water through the media bed eliminates channeling and solidification of the calcite media and at the same time does not waste any water like a backwashing system.  Backwashing systems on average discharge 100-150 gallons during the backwash cycle which typically goes into your septic system.  The upflow system is the most effective, efficient and safest way to raise your PH level in your household water supply.

Additional information

10x54 Tank

Our 10X54 Non-Backwashing Acid Neutralizer is designed to raise your PH using food grade calcium, called calcite or PH Neutralizer As water passes through the unit, it dissolves the calcite and becomes neutral eliminating corrosion of your plumbing and water using appliances. As with any Acid Neutralizer you will need to service this system every 6 – 12 months depending upon your water usage and PH level. You can purchase the media at your local plumbing supply house. Best of all is the price, our system comes to you ready for installation for only $695.00 (regular price) with FREE SHIPPING. Installation is available to consumers in our service areas in parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania for a total cost of $995.00. Contact us for further information. Specs: The Only System Still Made in The USA! Eliminates Corrosion of Plumbing and Water Using Appliances. Serves a Household of 2-4 People 10×54 Polyglass Vortech Tank Builtin Media Platform, No Gravel Bedding Needed Large Fillport for Easy Maintenance. Upper distributor basket to keep media from escaping the filter tank 1.5 cubic Foot Capacity. (3, 50LB Bags of Calcite) No Moving Parts No Backwash, So You Conserve Water, and No Drain Needed. No Need For Electric. 5 Year Valve Warranty 10 Year Tank Warranty Easy to Install. Can Be Installed As An Upflow, Or A Downflow. Vortech Flow System: Eliminates Channeling of the Media Bed


How A Non-Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Works. As water enters through the valve, it flows down the water distribution tube, it is then evenly dispersed through a distribution basket at the bottom of the distribution tube, and then flows upward through the media bed, to the main household supply line This allows your household water supply maximum contact time with the neutralizing media, and eliminates channeling of the media bed as well as raising the PH in your household water supply to an acceptable level. Benefits of A Non-Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Threaded PVC connectors make installation easy No Backwash, which conserves water, and extends the life of your well pump, great for low yielding wells. Eliminates corrosion of your plumbing and water-using appliances. No channeling of the media bed. No electrical hookup needed. Can be installed anywhere. Upper distributor basket to keep media from escaping the filter tank