Fleck 2.5 Cubic Foot 2510SXT Acid Neutralizer & Fleck 2510SXT Water Softener

June 28th, 2013



  • Fleck 2510SXT backwashing acid neutralizer system
  • Fleck 2510SXT digital electronic control valve
  • 2.5 cubic foot capacity media tank with fillport
  • Stainless steel bypass with 3/4″ inlet/outlet
  • 5, 50lb bags of calcite media
  • Fleck 2510SXT electronic demand water softener
  • Fleck 2510SXT electronic demand control valve
  • Vortech media tank
  • Large salt tank with safety float/auto shutoff
  • Stainless steel bypass with 3/4″ inlet/outlet
  • High capacity softener resin
  • Available in 24,000 grain – 110,000 grain capacities
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states



Fleck 2.5 Cubic Foot Fleck 2510SXT Backwashing Acid Neutralizer with Calcite


  • 2.5 cubic foot capacity media tank
  • Tank holds 5, 50lb bags of calcite media included with package
  • Fleck 2510SXT digital control valve
  • 1/2″ backwash drain line on control valve
  • User friendly electronic programming
  • Digital Controls Provide Quick And Easy Setup.
  • Flow Rates up to 19 gpm
  • Stainless Steel Bypass with 3/4 female thread inlet/outlet
  • No Gravel Bedding Needed.
  • Large fillport makes adding calcite media easy
  • Powerful backwash cycle keeps media bed clean
  • Serves a household of 2-8 people
  • 15 gpm flow rates
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on digital control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers on vortech media tank
  • #1 ranked backwashing acid neutralizer in the industry, outperforms all other brands
  • NSF Certified

Fleck  2510SXT  Electronic Demand  Water Softener

  • Fleck 2510SXT Electronic Demand Valve.
  • Vortech media tank
  • 10% cross link resin included
  • 1/2″  backwash drain line connection on control valve
  • Flowrates up to 35 gpm.
  • Regenerates based on water used.
  • 24,000 grain – 110,000 grain capacities available
  • Stainless Steel Bypass with 3/4″ female thread inlet/outlet
  • Large Salt Tank comes with safety float/auto shutoff
  • Ships in almond color
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on electronic control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on vortech media tank
  • NSF Certified

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Mid Atlantic Water uses Vortech™ Tanks.

Think Green
In order to regain a softener’s or filter’s ability to remove contaminants its control valve must be able to go into a backwash cycle to effectively “clean” the media before it can be regenerated. Traditional systems produce large amounts of waste water during the backwash process and consume a high volume of salt used to condition the water. Vortech™ water softeners and filters reduce backwash water and frequency by 30% and reduce salt consumption, reducing the impact on the environment.

Why Vortech™?
Vortech™ distribution systems utilize a more efficient distributor plate design to reduce backwash and improve system efficiency compared to traditional cone & gravel systems. This unique design provides greater “lift” and “action” throughout the entire width of the mineral tank during a backwash cycle, whereas traditional cone and gravel systems channel up through the media causing areas of very limited movement. In addition, because Vortech™ does not utilize gravel, it costs less to ship due to its lighter weight.

Additional information

Water Softener Size

with 24,000 grain softener, with 32,000 grain softener, with 48,000 grain Softener, with 64,000 grain Softener, with 80,000 grain Softener, with 110,000 grain softener