We received the no-back flow acid neutralizer, Clack 1054, quickly and complete. After resolving one small installation detail (Aidan responded quickly) it went in easily. After giving it a few days to ‘settle in’ and thoroughly flushing all of our lines I tested our water again: 7.0! This is a great product and the customer service was great! If I have a need of another unit in the future I won’t go anywhere else!

Dan Boggs
West Jefferson, NC

I did a lot of research on a ph neutralizer for my home’s well water. I read some of the google reviews on this company but trusted one recent review from a customer who had no issues with getting quick delivery. I ordered a system around dinner time on Sep 16th and it arrived 8 days later, delivered by a freight truck, on a pallet in a large cardboard box with all the calcite bags and a parts box. All was in great shape. I think this company has made a turnaround apparently getting the product to the customer quick and in wonderful shape. Now I need to hook up the ph neutralizer and get my water less acidic. Right now I’m happy with the company and would recommend.

Ronald N

Colorado Springs, CO

Let me just start with, if you’re reading this post because you’re trying to figure out which company to go with for your water treatment needs, look no further. I wish I could fully express how great Mid-Atlantic Water really is. My wife and I moved into an old farm house and I knew very little to nothing about my well and the treatment of its water. I did a ton of research, spoke to a bunch of people, and wish I would’ve found Mid-Atlantic Water first. It’s very rare in today’s world to find a company that sells a great product at the most affordable price and, above all, supports their product like nothing I’ve seen before. As I said, I was very new to all of this and as a result, I had many (I mean many!) questions. It didn’t matter how many or what time I asked them, I always got a helpful response. If you’re somewhat handy or looking to have someone to take care of your water treatment needs that you can trust, like I said, look no further, Mid-Atlantic Water has the product, people, and support that I can confidently say is unmatched and won’t be found elsewhere. In closing – THANK YOU!! I can’t say it enough!

T Gianni
Durham, North Carolina

Mid Atlantic Water provided expert knowledge and low prices for my water treatment solution.  They recommended against more expensive options that I thought I needed,  giving me the best value available.  Also, Mid Atlantic Water answered all my installation questions quickly.  I was able to save money on the installation costs while having an expert available via phone and email for all my questions.                                                                                                                                                Purchased, 2, Clack 2.5 cubic foot upflow Acid Neutralizers and a Fleck 5600SXT Softener

Lance Bowlin
Mt Airy MD

I live in York PA and I had such a bad experience with all other water companies as I shopped around for water softeners.  I had a water check from a couple of companies for free.I was told I needed a acid neutralizer, water softener and possibly a bacteria light.  But when it came time for pricing and installation of their system they said it would cost $6K to $7K.  So I did not think I would ever get one.  So as I was looking online for a reverse osmosis systems to increase ph per cup of water, I saw a system on Mid Atlantic Water website that had everything the other companies wanted to give me but was only $1595.00!!!! Amazed I called and spoke to Aidan and was told this is what he hears from homeowners all the time.  He said the system I am looking at was easy to install on my own.  So after a 15 minute conversation with  Aidan I ordered it. Shipping took a while due to a back order from the manufacturer  ( but i was in no real rush as I had been using the water for 22 years and another few weeks would not be a problem especially with the savings!) When it arrived it was indeed easy to install.  I saved 5000.00!!!  Not to mention I bothered Aidan with multiple calls daily for a couple of weeks  and even if I got no answer Aidan would call me back in and hour or so.  Not just good service but “FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE” and I still call him advice on ANY water related issue and he is more than happy to help.  I tell everyone I talk to how great the experience I had with Mid Atlantic Water was and what a great guy Aidan is.  Plus I now have soft water.                Purchased Clack 2.5 upflow acid neutralizer, Fleck 5600SXT water softener and S8Q-PA UV 

Angelo Sapia
York, PA

Have Dealt with Aidan and Mid Atlantic Water on several projects over the years.  I’ve been a contractor for over 40 Years and it’s rare to deal with an individual or company so passionate about their products, attention to detail and provide me with all the information regarding my purchase and their desire to follow up withe the customer after the sale.  I highly recommend Mid Atlantic Water for all your residential commercial water filtration needs.

Michael Mathews


Been a customer of Mid Atlantic Water for 20 years now and I’m getting up there in age and its not as easy to service it myself.  So I had Mid Atlantic Water come out and upgrade my system to cut down on maintenance and cost.  They did a great job as always.

Murph                                                                                                                                                               Taneytown, MD                                                                                                                                                7/30/2018  


Great job! We wanted to thank you for your overall outstanding service provided by Mid Atlantic Water. In particular thank you for carefully listening to the system requirements we had and for accurately and promptly answering one of the many questions we had regarding the confusing and complex product mix out there. After getting two other quotes and feeling like the other vendors had not really listened to the treatment requirements, we found that the several different integrated system options that Mid Atlantic Water offered and clearly explained on it’s website were so easy to understand that I was able to pick the one that perfectly fit our needs without doubts; not to mention they are priced the lowest for a total system cost that we could find even by wholesale outlet standards. My wife is very pleased with the quality of the treated water and has mentioned that to me more than once. Your order processing was fast and the installer Kris, recommended by you, did a phenomenal job of neatly installing the largest system in a very small area in the basement and neatly completing the extensive piping job to take the backwash water some 60 feet to the other corner of the house; other vendors seem to shirk wanting to do this part of the installation and insisted on running the backwash to the septic system via a sump pump against my preference. After installation, Kris was very helpful in coming back to fix some minor issues we encountered with the system. In my opinion Mid Atlantic Water provides unbiased and honest advice and impeccable service to homeowners without the pushy marketing that many of the other firms resort too; the result is the water treatment system fixes the problem correctly. Once again many thanks and I will be recommending your company to my friends and neighbors without hesitation.

Al & Karen Chande
Maryland – 6/11/2018


In the spring of 2017 I was looking to replace a water treatment system at my cottage on an island in maine.  The system that I had consisted of a tank with potassium permanganate (yuck), a Fleck 2510 control valve and a media tank.  I bought it from Culligan and it worked correctly for about 2 seasons.  Then it worked intermittently for the next five.  I shut my cottage down and had to completely winterize it each year.  What a pain with this system.  Last year I looked to replace the system. I have very high iron and that was the main thing that I wanted to remove.  I did my research and called about 5 different suppliers.  What I found is that the water filtration industry is filled with people who will gladly share incorrect information with you in exchange for a sale.  I am a mechanical engineer.  I know how this stuff works.  I didn’t need made up promises.  I needed a system that would work for my application.  Enter Mid Atlantic Water.  Mid Atlantic Water was extremely knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  They made my purchasing experience easy.  I got just the equipment I needed; Iron filter – Fleck 2.5 cubic foot 2510AIO iron filter with katalox light and it worked exactly as I was told it would.  Mid Atlantic water even guided me through the installation and winterization of the system.

Thank you Mid Atlantic Water, you are a shining star in the industry

J Shiminski                                                                                                                                                  Cape Elizabeth, ME                                                                                                                                   3/2/2018


I just wanted to say I am very happy with the Fleck 2.5 2510SXT acid neutralizer I purchased back in January 2017.  Aidan was very helpful and everything he told me turned out to be the truth,  It has corrected the bluing I was  seeing in my house.  I will definitely recommend Mid Atlantic Water to all my friends

J Richard, Massachusetts


Aidan,  I received the shipment yesterday, I had to speak with R+L Carriers several times, but in the end all was in good order.  Thanks

Today i used your write up on how to rebed  the acid neutralizer and all worked great.  i am very pleased with the results.  I wanted to give you the whole story because your information resulted in excellent results.  I am especially happy with how much money I saved by doing it myself.  You debunked a lot of the water treatment Mysticism being sold by the local water treatment company.


L Britz 7/16/17


Just wanted to give a quick comment.  Thank you for the quick service.  I will without a doubt recommend your company to anyone I know.  I have emailed you several times during my order process and have always expected to get an answer back with in 24 hrs.  To my surprise I have always gotten an answer back the same day.

You delivered what was promised and when it was promised.  I look forward to doing business with your company again.

E Linka
Maryland, 6/14/2017


Great experience, and Aidan was very helpful – had him on the phone several times during the installation process and he was able to expertly troubleshoot.  Highly recommended.

A Grigoryev


We drilled a new well several months ago to replace a non producing well.  The new well, an excellent producing well, brought with it a few water quality issues.  I got a couple of estimates for a water treatment system that amounted to over half the cost of drilling and installing a new well.  In the process i discovered Mid Atlantic Water.  The huge advantage was professional advice applied incrementally.  I purchased and installed an aptly sized iron filter recommended by Mid Atlantic Water that virtually eliminated the iron and manganese.  But the elimination of iron and manganese exposed a high level of hardness in the water.  So as recommended by Mid Atlantic Water I installed a water softener after the iron filter.  I tested the water this morning – zero hard water.  I am very pleased with the results we’ve gotten and credit belongs to the helpfulness and professionalism of Mid Atlantic Water.

Thank You
J Haulenbeek


I received it yesterday and installed it today.  It all all works great.

Thank you
R. Wheeler


Got everything and all looks to be in good condition, thanks.  I’m installing it next week and I’ll let you know if I need anything else.  Thanks for the support and answering all my messages so quickly.

J. Sollien


Its amazing how much the sediment filter separates debris coming from the well pump.  the entire system has only been working for about a week of residential living, and after reprogramming to the suggestions you gave me there is a huge difference in the water.  Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and return phone calls.  if i ever need a new system I will be ordering from your company again.

T Gall


Aidan, the Iron filter I ordered and all the accessories came today August 2nd by Fedex.  it is a pleasure doing business with your company and would not hesitate to do so in the future.  i will refer everyone that I know with these particular needs for your equipment.  your company is very professional with fast delivery and i can see why you have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Thank you so much

Charles Reel, Augusta WV 8/2/2016



I have purchased numerous water systems for my rental properties as well as my personal home, Mid Atlantic Water has provided me with a reliable product and excellent service.  I highly recommend them.

H. Shipley
Maryland, 2016


Mid Atlantic Water provided me with good products at a better than average price. They also offered excellent support as I installed the unit myself.

Adam F


I had an autotrol acid neutralizer that was about 4 years old, I noticed water dripping from the drain line we had going to the utility sink we had next to our washer and dryer. I called a local water company to take a look at it and they said a part had worn out and was letting water continuously flow through the drain line. They suggested replacing the valve which was fairly expensive. I did some online research, called a few companies, and Mid Atlantic Water suggested installing a non backwashing acid neutralizer which was pretty much hassle free and sounded like a good idea. We ordered a 2.5 unit, installed it ourselves and it’s been for about a year now and working great.

George D
Southern PA

We had purchased a rainsoft system about 10 years ago, it recently started to have some issues, so we had the local dealer come out and take a look at it.  They recommended replacing the whole system which was in the thousands of dollars.  We did some research online and ended up  purchasing a system from Mid Atlantic Water, and with some help by phone from the owner, my husband did the installation himself and we saved thousands of dollars.  By the way we purchased the acid neutralizer, water softener package.  We are are extremely pleased with the system and the service from Mid Atlantic Water.

Susan, Hew Hope, PA



Our existing water system failed after 15 years of service, we called a few local water treatment companies in our area for prices, and they all wanted 3500.00 to 4500.00 for a new acid neutralizer and water softener installed. I got on the internet, called multiple companies including Mid Atlantic Water, spoke with the owner who was very knowledgable and patient, he thoroughly answered all my questions, offered his time by phone if i needed help with the installation and that made the difference. We purchased the 2.5 cubic foot non backwashing acid neutralizer with the clack WS1 softener for 1495.00. Great system, state of the art, and pretty simple to to install, we had it up it running in just a few hours.
Mid Atlantic water did right by us, we are extremely happy with the quality of the system we purchased as well as the price.

Paul D.
West chester, PA

After having some plumbing failures from acid well water, I did some research and found contradictory information and astronomical prices. I came across Mid Atlantic Water and found them very helpful, responsive, knowledgable and encouraging. In my disbelief over their great prices, I called several well known reputable providers who recommended the exact same solution for 3 times the price. One well service company actually told i should purchase from Mid Atlantic Water and install it myself to save me from wasting $3k. I came right back to Mid Atlantic Water. I purchased a replacement water pressure tank, acid neutralizer and water softener. I installed the water pressure tank myself. I ran out of time to complete the install of the water softener/acid neutralizer system and hired a local professional plumber to finish the installation. After 5 minutes of introduction, the plumber started spouting contradictory information about the setup that didn’t make sense compared to my research. I called Mid Atlantic Water who responded immediately and confirmed my susspicions. i told the plumber to leave. Mid Atlantic Water recommended another plumber who came right out and completed the install at a rock bottom price and did great plumbing work. I’m very pleased with the quality of equipment, the customer service, and installation. All for prices that were a third the cost of any other provider.

I absolutely recommend Mid Atlantic Water to anyone looking for quality water treatment equipment at a great price without all the hassle, fear tactics and bloated pricing.

Chris G
Sykesville, Md


Mid Atlantic Water is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ Rating. Click on the BBB icon at the bottom of our homepage to find out more.

I recently purchased a new home and for the first time must depend on well water. My wife and I are very conscious of what we consume, so we had a water analysis performed and the result was poor quality water. We had hard, acidic water, that was full of iron and tasted funny.

Although there were a plethora of solutions available with a quick web search, I found it very frustrating to see so many options for filtration and conditioning, without a concise source that would compare and contrast them.

I emailed a handful of distributors with limited response and value. Mid Atlantic Water on the other hand responded almost immediately with incredibly helpful information. We were able to quickly design a solution to meet our needs. More impotantly Mid Atlantic Water provided me with all the information I needed to feel confident in the solution.

After mapping my conditioning needs to hardware, I shopped around and found myself right back at Mid Atlantic Water placing my order. They ended up being the most competitive with the added convenience of being a one stop shop.

The system was delivered promptly as promised. i found my experience with Mid Atlantic Water to be very satifying. I will continue to rely on them for all my future water conditioning needs.

Brian F.
Eldersburg, MD


I have done business with Mid Atlantic Water for 16 years now. The quality of the equipment they sell is excellent, and their customer service has always been above board, I just recently upgraded to the 13×54 non backwashing acid neutralizer and couldn’t be happier. I have recommended Mid Atlantic Water to all of my friends and neighbors over the years. Great people to deal with.

G Boden


Mid Atlantic Water, Approved as a pentair Water Platinum Dealer
This network consists of the leading independent water treatment dealers that are fully trained and qualified to sell Pentair Water Professional Series water treatment products for a wide variety of applications. This includes component products with trade names such as Autotrol, Fleck, Park, magnum, Aquamatic, Wellmate, and others. These dealers suscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Water Quality Association. Their business is dedicated full time to providing consumers with the best possible solution for local water problems.


I could not be happier with the purchase of a water system from Mid Atlantic Water. Had many quotes from big named suppliers, that came along with big name $$$$$. Mid Atlantic Water took the time to correctly pick the system that best fit my needs and budget. They were only a phone call away for the many questions that I had and helped me through the entire process. Would recommend this company to anyone, #1

Adam Lukach
Freeland MD


My Daughter has severe plaque psoriasis, my Dermatologists suggested that soft water may help relieve the itching and help eliminate the psoriasis. So I called around for estimates looking for a good price, let me tell you, some of these companies like Culligan charge ridiculous prices, being a single Mom I was looking for a good deal. I found mid Atlantic Water online, they gave me an excellent price, got it delivered, had a local plumber hook it up, and it has made all the difference in the world, my daughters psoriasis is completely under control. Those of you with psoriasis know what she was going thru. Mid Atlantic Was a big help, I can’t thank them enough.

J Seidel
Baltimore, MD

We called Mid Atlantic Water when we needed a new Acid Neutralizer and Water Softener System. We spoke to the owner, Aidan, who helped us complete our order, and offered better pricing than other companies. He was very friendly and extremely helpful during the entire process. Excellent communication goes a long way. always returned calls promptly and was extremely patient. If your are going to install this yourself, Aidan will answer any and all questions, and help guide you thru the process. We highly recommend Mid Atlantic Water for all your water system needs.

Dale & Lori Turner


For over 17 years, Mid Atlantic Water has maintained an A+ Rating With the Better Business Bureau

Hey Aidan, I just wanted to let you know, that I am totally happy with the 13×54 Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer.     thanks again, I’m telling everyone about Mid Atlantic Water, and when my Culligan softener dies, I will be ordering a replacement unit from you.

Lee Wagner, 8/22/2014

I use Mid Atlantic Water for all my commercial, and now residential water treatment needs. They have always been professional, and have provided excellent customer support. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Mike Matthews
Northern California


Mid Atlantic Water was recently awarded a bid by Curtis bay Energy in Baltimore, Maryland for a commercial water softener.
Curis Bay Energy. Curtis Bay Energy is the largest processor of medical waste on the East Coast. Mid Atlantic Water was chosen out of several other companies in the area who had also submitted bids. Mid Atlantic Water Supplied Curtis bay Energy with a 210.000 grain dual tank Fleck 9500 Water Softener.


I live in a house that was built in 1847. We purchased an Acid Neutralizer, Water Softener and a new Well Tank from Mid Atlantic Water. The installation took little time, and after our first shower we were amazed at the difference the system made. We are pleased with our new water system we purchased, the results we got, and with Mid Atlantic Water.
Manchester, MD


Mid Atlantic Water has installed and serviced our water filtrations systems and well tanks for the past 14 years. They are very professional and efficient and always do a great job.

Barbara Gottschalk
Baltimore, MD


We hired Mid Atlantic Water to install an Acid Neutralizer when we noticed our pipes started corroding and getting pinholes. The installation was quick and since then (3 years ago) has been problem free, and no more plumbing issues! Aidan showed me how to service the neutralizer, and what to look for in the plumbing to evaluate the health of our water, and everything he advised us on was 100% accurate. Mid Atlantic are our first choice for water treatment. Knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy.

Westminster, MD

Mid Atlantic Water helped me set up our new home’s well water system with filtration. From softeners, neutralizers, UV filters, to reverse osmosis Aiden and mid Atlantic are our first choice for water treatment. We have trusted them with our water systems for almost 10 years now and have always received professional service. We recently added whole house nitrate removal for our newborn and nursing mother. Aidan’s recommendations have always been spot on.

Hanover, PA


We had a great experience with Mid Atlantic Water. The owner was very responsive and helped me choose the correct water treatment system. I compared prices and was happy to get a significantly lower price with Mid Atlantic Water. Great service and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks.

Finksburg, MD


First off, if you are in doubt or questioning your decision, STOP because you found the place that can make your water quality perfect. My wife and I have been on city water our entire lives and are very accustomed to quality water but recently purchased a home where well and septic was the only choice.  The home had a chlorine injection system installed but for a number of reason we were not comfortable with putting chlorine in the water we use everyday.  I did my researched and shopped many options but Mid Atlantic was hands down the most customer focused and most competitive on price.  I ended up purchasing the super combo system and installed it myself.  This was my first plumbing experience and they patiently answered all my questions and provided me a detailed list of supplies to get from Home Depot.   Mid Atlantic was true to their word and answered every call I made including evenings on Saturday and Sunday.

The system has been installed now for 3 weeks and we could not be happier.  The water quality is as good if not better than the city water we were on for 30+ years.  Do yourself a favor and purchase a system from Mid Atlantic. You won’t be the price or customer service, I guarantee it.  And by the way this comes from someone that never writes customer reviews.

All the best,

Mike & Kendra (Davidsonville, MD)


“When I first built my home I learned that I needed a water treatment system since my home has well and septic. I found Mid Atlantic Water on the internet and gave them a call since they had the best prices. That was 13 years ago. I have stayed with Mid Atlantic Water for all of my water treatment needs ever since then because of their high quality service, attention to detail and great prices. Mid Atlantic Water has installed and serviced my Reverse Osmosis and Acid Neutralizer Systems and my Water Softener and Sediment Filter. They are always available to answer my questions and very helpful. I have recommended Mid Atlantic Water to several of my friends.”

Dawn in Monrovia Md


” We have extremely high amounts of iron and sulfur in our water, we had a local water treatment do a water test and recommended installing a water softener and it did not work.  My husband and I decided to call Mid Atlantic Water, the owner came out tested the water recommended a multi tank system that would neutralize the acid water, soften it, remove the iron and eliminate the rotten egg odor.  that was 12 years ago and we have been with Mid Atlantic Water ever since. great service, great equipment and always friendly.”

Charlie & Sharon G.

Westminster Md


“I’ve been a customer of Mid Atlantic Water for 10 years now, I’m a senior citizen and they have always taken great care of me and my water.

There a company i can trust and count on when I need work done.”

J Witte

Baltimore Md


“I live in New Jersey, Had multiple companies come out and give me estimates on an Acid Neutralizer and water softener, the rage was 4500.00 to 8500.00 which My wife and I thought was crazy. I went online found and called Mid Atlantic Water there prices were great and the owner of the company spent lots of time with me on the phone explaining the different types of systems.  We purchased one of their combo systems for 1495.00 and it was shipped directly to our home, it was fairly simple to install, and the questions i had were answered by the owner who is available by phone on the weekends.  We has a great experience with Mid Atlantic Water. Very high quality equipment.”

B Wilkison

New Jersey


“We’re the people in Massachusetts, we wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the acid neutralizer. The installation went smoothly as your equipment was top quality and we have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of our water. It doesn’t smell anymore and tastes great!”

We appreciate you selling quality equipment at an honest value.

Derek and Betty-Jo Vautrinot