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Acid Neutralizer Service

July 24th, 2019

Acid Neutralizer Service Includes: 1, 50lb bag of calcite media Check existing system and well tank Service Fee Carroll County Maryland and parts of Southern Pennsylvania 800-460-5810 $85.00

Clack 2.5 Cubic Foot Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Package, $695.00 Shipped

June 2nd, 2019

 Acid Neutralizer, Clack 2.5 Cubic Foot Upflow System The 2.5 cubic foot non backwashing acid neutralizer, can be installed anywhere since it does not require electric or a backwash drain. It gives you 2.5 cubic foot capacity, 15 gallon per minute flow rates it has the vortech flow system. It comes with a large fillport Read More

Clack 1.5 Cubic Feet

Acid Neutralizer – Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Non Backwashing System, $395.00 Shipped

June 1st, 2019

Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Upflow Acid Neutralizer (link) 1.5 cubic foot  media tank 1.5 cubic foot Vortech media Tank  Tank dimensions – 10″ diameter x 54″ tall Total Height with control valve is 58″ Media tank holds 3, 50lb bags of calcite (included) Fillport makes adding calcite media simple and easy Clack C1190 control valve Read More

Big Spring Sale Starts Today For A Limited Time

April 6th, 2019

Spring Sale  Spring Sale starts today big discounts on iron filters, acid neutralizers and package deals. If you need assistance with sizing or the correct equipment for your home, email us at or call 800-460-5810.  We are open Monday – Sunday from 8am – 5pm Mid Atlantic Water Use’s Vortech Tanks

Service and Installation Now Available in Carroll County Maryland

March 5th, 2019

Service and Installation now Available in Carroll County Maryland Neutralizer Service and installation Well Tank Service and installation Softener service and installation Iron filter service and installation Free Estimates Call 800 460 5810 Mid Atlantic Water Uses Vortech Tanks

iron filter with katalox light mid atlantic water

Iron Filter, 1.5 Cubic Foot Fleck 2510AIO Iron Filter with Katalox Light, $995.00 Shipped

January 15th, 2019

Iron Filter 1.5 Cubic Fleck 2510 Iron Filter with Katalox Light Uses katalox light filter media, included 1.5 cubic foot capacity 1.5 cubic foot Vortech media tank Fleck 2510SXT digital control valve with air injection Removes up to 30 ppm of iron Removes up to 10 ppm of sulfur (rotten egg odor) Removes up to Read More