Equipment Warranties

December 14th, 2014

NR04-50Lately when I’ve been online or checking local adds to see what my competitors are offering, I’m noticing more offers for life warranties on everything from acid neutralizers to well pumps. Quess what there’s no such thing in this industry, these are dealer add on on and the manufacturer will not honor these warranties if something goes wrong, it’s that particular dealers way of getting you to purchase their product. The three main tank manufacturers in our industry, Enpress, Park and Structural offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturers defects, the three main valve manufacturers in our industry, Clack, Fleck and Autotrol, offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects, so don’t get fooled by the old lifetime warranty trick, there is no such thing. Same with well pumps, I found an add in a local magazine for a lifetime warranty on well pumps, all well pump manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty period, Again don’t get fooled by this, you will pay extra money for nothing.

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