Clack 2.5 Cubic Foot Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer Package, $695.00 Shipped

June 2nd, 2019

 Acid Neutralizer, Clack 2.5 Cubic Foot Upflow SystemLUCKENOFF INSTALL

The 2.5 cubic foot non backwashing acid neutralizer, can be installed anywhere since it does not require electric or a backwash drain. It gives you 2.5 cubic foot capacity, 15 gallon per minute flow rates it has the vortech flow system. It comes with a large fillport that makes adding calcite  to the system simple. The upflow acid neutralizer is easy to install and  it does not waste water with a backwash cycle, (most neutralizers waste 100 gallons or more of water during backwash) and best of all it’s very affordable. we offer 3 sizes for the non backwashing acid neutralizer, 1.5, 2.0, and the 2.5 cubic foot capacity. Posted is a photo of an installation that was completed in October, it was in a narrow storage closet, with no place to run a backwash drain line. The homeowner opted to install a pre sediment filter before the upflow system.

Included With This Package:

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