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iron filter with katalox light mid atlantic water

Iron Filter

February 27th, 2017

Iron Filter In the water treatment industry there are several types of iron filter media and methods designed to remove iron from your water supply.  The majority of methods require a neutral 7 ph.  Such methods include the use of Birm, Filox, Pyrolox, KDF 85, Manganese Greensand filter media, Air injection and chemical injection.  All Read More

Water Softener, Fleck 5600SXT Electronic Demand System

February 10th, 2017

Fleck  5600SXT Demand Water Softener Fleck 5600SXT control valve Vortech media tank Media tank flow rates up to 15 gallons per minute Stainless steel Bypass valve with 3/4″ female thread inlet and outlet Electronic demand controls makes programming easy 1/2″ backwash drain connection on control valve Large salt tank with safety float and auto shut Read More